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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 6


While police is going to arrest Matt, he escapes and knock them down. One of police wake up and shot Sergei, and report that 2 of them escape.

Ben thinks that all the hit in city are controlled by Russians, Wesley tells Fisk that Vlademir still alive because of vigilante. He tells them to let police work.

Blake is one of police, he goes to ask survivor Russians in Vlademir’s base about him but he doesn’t know.

Matt takes Vlademir to hide, he tells him that he is played by Fisk. But he doesn’t believe and doesn’t want to corporate. After he pass out, Matt asks Claire for help, he wants her to help him stop bleeding.

After done patrol police found them, he knocks him down when he try to call backup. Blake comes with the polices, he asks them to surround them. Ben also shows up, after that Fisk is reported about situation.

Vlademir wakes up, after Matt convinces him to tell him about Fisk, he tells him about how they met them, about Chinese and Leslie. Before he tells him more, he attacked him and both of them knock down.

After they both wake up, he found Vlademir dead. He rescues him again, when SWAT teams show up. Matt also found the way out,  Then Fisk call him via the radio, he wants him to kill Vlademir and he will back off.

Matt won’t, he upsets and he tell his people to kill the cops. Then he tells news that he is the bad guy who kill cops and destroy building.

Vlademir helps Matt and get out the building through sewer, but SWAT team shows up. He knocks them down, Vladimir tells him he will stay and let him leave. He tells him about Leland.