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Arrow Season 4 Episode 12


Nyssa breaks out from the prison with help from group of men, she is heading for the lotus.

At night Arrow and team is chasing on someone, but during chase Thea suddenly blackout. They thinks because of the pit.

Felicity has meeting with the board, they wants her to step out for new presentation of product.

Oliver found from Malcom that may be only Darhk can help Thea, after that thief shows up again. Oliver chasing after him and found he is Roy.

After that his campaign office call him about new candidate, he found that she is Darhk’s wife. Arrow goes to set up the meeting with Darhk from her.

Felicity found that what Roy steals might be able to destroy internet, she thinks he might be after power cell at Plamer’s tech. Arrow and team found him and captured him, Felicity found that Roy is controlled. After rescue him, he tells them about his blackmailer.

Nyssa goes to see Tatsu, she asks her for Lotus. They fight for get it, then they start to talk about Oliver.

Felicity found that Roy’s blackmailer and after found that he wants to shutdown the city by destroy grid. Felicity try to figure out where he will attack.

After she found, Arrow and teams go to stop his men, while her stop him from start the bomb. Roy try to destroy it manually before blackmailer try to arm it. They success.

At Felicity’s presentation at Plamer’s tech, the calculator also there. Actually he is Felicity’s father.

Nyssa shows up to Oliver after Thea is in coma, she tells him that Lotus can counter effect the pit. She wants him to kill Malcom.