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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 5

World on Fire

Matt asks Claire to stay with him after what happen, Vlademir meets with Wesley and asks him about Anatoly. Then his men tells him about Anatoly’s body, they found vigilante’s mask in his body. He thinks it’s vigilante did.

Fisk tells his Leland about the killing Anatoly, they tells them about plan for him. Fisk convinces them to forget about Vlademir.

At night Matt goes to attack Vlademir’s men again, he asks one of them about Vlademir. But he learned they think he kill Anatoly.

Today Mrs.Cardenas shows up to ask Foggy for help, she tells them about her apartment that is destroyed by man that want to change it to condominium. She thinks it’s Tully’s men.

Today while Matt goes to check at police station about Tully, he overheard about Fisk. Then one of police shoot him, he said he should not said his name.

Foggy and Karen goes to talk Tully’s lawyer, but they are failed for negotiate. They go back to see his client,

Vlademir found that it’s Fisk that kill his brother, his men tells him where is Fisk now. Matt overheard them.

At night Matt following one of Gao’s man to see Vlademir, but that man is suicide’s bomber. He detonate while he is at Vlademir’s base.

While Foggy and Karen are with their client, there is explosion nearby. After wake up Matt found Vlademir still alive, while he is beating him. Police shows up and arrest him.