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Arrow Season 4 Episode 11


While John and Lyla walking to home in night, Allen one of her colleague shows up for help. Then ghosts shows up and kidnapped him.

After Oliver knows about them, they plan to check on Chang too. Laureli and John found that he is dead and tortured, his eye is gone. They go to see ARGUS, but she didn’t seem concern.

But Lyla get files from Waller secretly, after check they found more men that might be target.

At night Arrow and team go to check the facility, they found that all other agents are dead. But john and Arrow are captured by trap. But Arrow gets them out.

Andy tells John and Argus that what they did it’s distraction, they are after something else.

Arrow and team stake out for taken shipment, but actually their target is Argus. Waller and Lyla are hostage. Waller found that it’s Joyner who lead them. Andy try to convince John to let him help, while he try to connect Arrow’s team.

Joyner kill Waller after she refused to give him access, he threaten Lyla next one. Arrow and team sneak in Argus to rescue Lyla. While John get Andy to him out.

Andy goes to see Joyner, he turned John to him. His men takes John to see Joyner, he threaten him to Lyla. John tells her to do it, while she try Felicity block her.

While Joyner is going to kill John, Andy help him. Arrow shows up and rescue them all, Andy’s plan work.

After that John takes Andy back to his family.