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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 4

In the Blood

8 years ago in Siberia’s prison, Vlademir tells Anatoly that they will breakout to night. He gets his weapon from bone of his cellmate.

Claire is fixing Matt again, he tells her about Fish. He can’t find anything about him, he tells her he will beat until someone will break.

A man who hired Matt,Wesley goes to see Vlademir and Anatoly about their work. He tells them to get rid vigilante. They are upset about Fisk, but they still look for vigilante.

Ben tells Karen that she should back off from Union Allied, all other involved are dead except her.

Vlademir and Anatoly go to ask a man who Matt throw down in hospital, he tells them about Claire. They found nothing at her apartment, but they met hers neighbor.

At night Claire heard some noise, but she checked and found nothing. But someone is at her window without her see it. She called him while she is dragging, Matt run to her but it’s too late.

But he heard that she is taken by one of taxi, but he lost them. He goes back to ask her neighbor, he tells him about Veles taxi. He goes there and rescue her.

Ben meets with Karen again, she is convinced that Union Allied is back. If they following them they might be able to knows who is behind.

After Vladimir back and found that Claire is out, he is upset. Anatoly found where is Fish, he wants to get his help.

Fish is very upset because of Anatoly interrupted his time, he beats him down and kill him. He tells Wesley to send Anatoly’s body to Vlademir.