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Arrow Season 4 Episode 10

Blood Debts

After Felicity get hit 4 months, Barry goes to see Oliver. He tells him that he will goes to kill Darhk.

Now Felicity is at hospital, Oliver goes out every night to find Darhk. But none of ghost tell him anything.

After last surgery, Felicity is alive. She is better, but she is going to get another one. Oliver asks John to talks to Andy.

Lances tells Oliver about Darhk’s whereabouts. Arrow goes to see him but he found bodies of ghost. But he doesn’t found him instead he found Lonnie’s symbol.

Oliver thinks that Lonnie might be try to get to Darhk for abandon him, Laurel thinks that he might after Thea.

After that they found out where is Lonnie, he shows up at Darhk’s house. They goes there and found him. While they are trapped, Thea goes after him but she is hit by him. They following her and knock him down.

They ask him about Darhk, but he won’t tell. Thea tells Oliver about Felicity, he rush to see him. Andy finally tells John about Stonehaven.

Oliver found that Felicity can’t walk again, at night Arrow goes to get Lonnie from police. He wants to know where is Darhk, he won’t tell. He released him and let him kill Darhk.

Laurel and them disagree what he did, he tells them it’s only plan. After tracks him a while, they lost him. They tell him to be with Felicity.

Lennie goes to Darhk’s family and hostage his family, Arrow and them go to rescue them. At his house, he found Darhk. Thea captured Lennie, but he escape.

Darhk tells Oliver that he will gives him 2 weeks to be with his family because of he help his family. His wife tells him he should killed Arrow.