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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 3

Rabbit in a Snow Storm

Victor goes to kill Prohaszka at his bowling alley, but his gun doesn’t work. Instead he kill him with his bowling ball, after he hide his gun then he waiting for arrest.

Today someone from big firm shows up at Matt’s office offer them a job, but Matt feel something off about him. He gives him the case, then he left. Matt following him and found he leaves with big car.

Foggy goes to question Victor, but he looks guilty. Matt shows up and tell them that he accepts the case. He keeps asking about the man who hired them, but he won’t tell them anything.

Karen is at Union Allied, lawyer there try to offer her something exchange for shut her mouth.

Matt and Foggy work all night to work on case, at court he notice the stress between one of jury and a man who hire him. At night Matt following that jury and found a man, he tells him about tape that he has on her. He tells him to leave the city.

Karen refused the money from Union Allied, instead she goes to the publisher. After Victor is release on court, at night Matt goes after him. After fight a while, he try to asks him about his boss but he won’t tell.

But finally he tell him it’s Wilson Fisk, then he killed himself.