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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 12

Postcards from the Edge

Damon kidnapped one of man and killed him after he tells him about Elena. Stefan found that Caroline has problem.

Valerie shows up to Julian tells him about Huntress, Mary shows up to Nora and tell her about Huntress’s card too. Bonny wants to go with them to stop her.

Damon shows up at Julian’s bar and kill one of his men, Julian threaten to kill him but he doesn’t care. After Julian knows what he did to Elena, instead of kill him he takes him out with him. He shows him his hidden stage.

Valerie tells Caroline and Stefan that her baby are siphon her vampire power too. Bonny, Mary and Nora go to see huntress in hospital. But she doesn’t remember anything.

After Penny lets Matt out and tells him about Doug, he goes to check his house. And found he is dead and there is vampire, Penny try to shot him but failed. He shot him dead.

Valerie tells Stefan that she saw Damon with Julian earlier. She thinks he wants the dead wish.

Julian challenge to fight with Damon, Stefan try to stop him but failed. After Caroline found that Stefan is with Julian, she wants Valerie to help Stefan.

While Bonnie fells in huntress tricks, Enzo shows up and rescue her. But after she goes to find Nora and Mary, he gets huntress out.

While Julian is killing Damon, Stefan and Valerie shows up and help him out. Damon tells Stefan about Elena, he tells her that he burned her. Stefan upsets and punch him several times. He is very upset, he tells Valerie that he wants Julian dead.

Valerie helps Stefan attack Julian, he finally killed Julian with her help. Enzo burned the huntress body, then young huntress shows up.