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Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 Episode 2

Cut Man

At night a boy found Matt in the garbage, he goes to get his neighbor,Claire to help him. He stops her from calling hospital, he tells her that the man who hurt him will kill everyone in hospital to get him. He try to leave her room but he collapse.

He wakes up and found that she see her face, she try to asks his information but he won’t tell. Claire is an ER nurse, she rescues his life.

She asks him about what happen, Matta tells her about russians kidnap the boy. He try to tracked them but it’s a trap.

He tells her that he found that someone is already looking for him, when he try to get rid him. She tells him he will take care of him. She found detective Foster shows up, he asks her about unusual. After he left, Matt knows that he is lied. He goes out and knock him down, he asks Claire to help him get information from him.

Claire tells him about what she heard about him about beating the bad guy and help victims, she wants to help but she won’t help him tortured him.

After Forster wakes up, Matt asks him the question about boy. But he won’t tell, he is going to drop him down. He surrender and tells him where is the boy.

Matt tells Claire to leave, this place is not safe. Matt goes to help the boy even that man tells him they will waiting for him.

At night Matt breaks in the building and rescue the boy out.