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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 11

Things We Lost in the Fire

Damon try to help Matt and Bonny, Caroline knock him down. They chained him, he tells Stefan that he is sorry.

He tells him that he gone for weeks, now the town belong to Julian. At night Matt and Bonny goes out to get Julian men. Stefan tells him about his problem since he gets out, he gets delusion. Damon give his promise to Stefan that he will be good.

He let him out and stay with him while check around the town,  they go to see Julian. He found that there is a truce with him. But Damon accidentally kill one of them.

While Bonny invited Nora to Caroline’s party, Matt is upset because what she done. Nora almost hurt him, but Bonny help him out.

Stephan tells Damon what happen about him, then Julian shows up. He tells him that he talks with himself. He threaten him that if one of his is harm because them again, he will kill them.

Damon threaten Tyler to takes him to Elena otherwise he will kill people. He has no choice but take him to, but he tricks him and try to knock him but Tyler failed. Henry tells Damon that the stone make him to become truly himself. He tricks him to burn Elena’s body.

Nora tells Bonny about huntress after she gets warning from her, she promise to help her. Caroline found that Alaric plans to move out, he tells her that he doesn’t want to have his baby in this town.