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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 10

Hell Is Other People

Damon wakes up in 1863, he is ins the war then he see Lily. He help his friend Henry out of it. After he wakes up, he get the mail from Stefan and he is in trouble. He goes to request to his colonel, he agreed to let him goes back but he need to do mission for him.

He and Henry goes together on mission, they found a house. Inside they found 2 run away soldiers. They end up kill them all, when he check their basement and found Lily. After that she shot her dead, after he wakes up. He found Bonny she tells him that he dead for 3 days.

He found that Stefan still trap inside the stone, then he found that his body is taken by Julian. They use Bonny to find them, she did and Damon rush to get him.

He found him and Julian, he threaten him to burn him. Then he burn him, Lily shows up then he knows that he is in dream. He wakes up again in the army, he just receive the letter from Stefan. He repeats everything, He try not to repeat the same event by kill them all. But at last they still get killed, he wakes up and found Bonny. He try to repeat anything without get Stefan killed.

But he found Stefan is there, Bonny gets him out first. Then he found that he is not real, he killed him to reset the event.

Bonnie gets Stefan out without problem, but she can’t get Damon out. Stefan thinks that he is hidden by stone. Damon repeats the all event again, but he keeps failing.

At the end he gives up and go straight to see Stefan, but on they way he see Lily’s house. Damon found Stefan in her basement, he finally breaks him.

Damon wakes up and wants to get back to his dream. He killed them all, but it’s still not reset.