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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 11

Battle Royale

Liz and Iris go to see Countess, they shooting at her, they kill both of them Donovan and countess. But she escapes, Donovan asks Iris to get her out. He doesn’t want to die in hotel.

They takes him out of hotel, he died at front of hotel. Countess goes to ask Sally to help her, she takes out bullets from her. She stills alive.

In past Sally used to close with her other colleagues, but one night they overdose and kill themselves. She just sews herself together with them, she had to stay with their corpse for few days.

Sally tells Countess that she must not leave her, Countess tells her that she needs blood like herself but Sally tells her Donovan dead.

John and family back home, Scarlett asks John how Holden will eat. He tells her he will take care. Sally takes Countess’s child to transfer their blood to help her, she doesn’t agree.

After cremate Donovan, Liz gives Iris his ash. After that she gets on the hotel roof, and release his ash on air.

Liz and Iris are checking on Ramona, they found she eaten all children that Alexis lock them before. They try to convince her to help them, but she asks them to bring her food.

They found Queenie at the lobby, they lure her to Ramona. But when she attack her by cut, she injured instead. Queenie is going to attack herself with broken mirror, James shows up and stabbed her. Romana get her blood out, he tells her that he wants her to kill Countess.

John kidnapped a man from street to feed Holden, but he found that his family is at hotel. He asks Sally about his family.

Ramona gets her strength, she goes to see Countess. She goes to challenge her, Countess try to make a deal with her. After that she is killed by John while she is going out. He cut her head and put in his trophy.

At dinner James is waiting for Countess who become a ghost, he has dinner with her. James ask Countess that if she was one who call police and get him killed, Evers tells them she is. Because she wants him for herself.

James is very upset and fired her.