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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9

Cold as Ice

3 years later from now, Stefan tells his wife Valerie that he has to go back to help Damon and Caroline.

Now after Lily’s dead, they buried her in family tomb. At funeral, Stefan, Valerie, Damon and Nora only there.

Stefan and Damon are going after Julian, Mary confront Valerie about what she caused. She thinks what she did is for Stefan. Nora offered her help to Bonny, she tells her she curious and wants to help.

Stefan and Damon found the body in bar, they think they found Julian. After a while they found him shows up, He tells them that she mean everything to him.

Nora tells Bonny that Stefan and Damon are in trapped, the town that they following him is his own town. Damon tricks them and escape.

Mary goes to see Nora and talk with her, Nor break up with her. Damon bailed on Stefan and left him home, he tells Valerie about it. He wants to know where is Mary, he takes her picture and left.

Julian tells Nora that Stefan gets Mary, she knocks Bonny down. Julian goes to see Damon and ask about Stefan and Mary. While he is attacking Damon, Stefan shows up and help him. Luciens escape.

They found him still in house, they have fight. Damon is stabbed by sword, his soul now trapped  in sword. Valerie found that Mary is missing.

Damon found himself in the war, he is injured. Nora shows up and stabbed Stefan also.