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American Horror Story Season 5 Episode 10

She Gets Revenge

Liz tells Iris that she wants to kill herself before Countess kill her. She convinces her not to do. They decide to finish their business before go together.

Liz asks Evers to call her son to see him, so he can said good bye. They didn’t see each other for 31 years.

John stills killed collecting his part, he shows up to a church and start to kill people inside. He needs the last part before he finish.

Donovan try to convinces Triston to back off, but he won’t so he just shoot him down. James burned his contractor alive, John goes to ask him about his wife. he asks her about Holden. She tells him about her mistake and what debt she own to Countess.

After that few day, her son shows up. They talk together a while but he didn’t tell him that he is his father. But his son remembered him at the end and forgive him. He wants him to be back in his life. Liz goes to tell Iris that he won’t suicide with her anymore. He try to convinces her to stop and leave hotel.

Alexis and John go to the house they found one of child Kimmy liked down there, someone shows up try to attack Alexis. John shows up and help her, they are several trans boys attack. But Alexis failed to help her.

Countess found that her husband still alive, he knows that she try to kill him. She tells him not she is his boy guardian, she now own everything.

John and Alexis take all trans kid to hotel. She tricks them and lock them in stronghold room. Inside they met Romana.

Countess found that Triston is killed from Donovan, she is upset. Donovan waits her to kill him. Alexis shows John Holden, he is very happy. they try to go back home, Sally swears to him she will kill him.

Liz and Iris show up at Countess and Donovan and shoot at them.