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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 4

Home Again

At night homeless guy are chasing out by fireman by order of the Joseph. He wants them to get out the area. That night a man shows up, barge in to his office and rip him apart.

Next day Mulder and Scully go to see the crime scene, they found that victim might be rip apart. Scully gets the call from her brother tells her about her mother in ICU. She lefts to see her.

Mulder found another clue, he found 2 people arguing about what happen, Huff and Daryl. One of homeless said something about bandage man. Mulder see his poster is disappear.

2 men take the poster out try to see it, but one of them see picture missing from poster. Both of them are killed after that.

That night Daryl who works with Joseph, arrange the bus to take out all homeless to new place. At night trash man goto see Huff and kill her.

That night Scully’s mother is dead, she is upset. She tells him she wants to work now. They found about a man who paint the trashman. They shows up and arrest him and ask him about trashman. He shows them where is him before running out.

They found him underground, they chase him to the room and found one of homeless. He tells them that how he created him, Scully tells him that he create it so he is responsibility.

They think that Daryl is the next, after he put homeless in new place. Trashman show up, Mulder and Scully rush to help him out. But they are too late.