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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 3

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

While a couple is hanging out in wood, they heard the scream when they go to check they found monster attack a man. Then it running off.

After Mulder tells Scully when he checks old case, he won’t believe in monster anymore. She tells her they get new case about monster.

They go to check the scene where witness found monster, that night it goes to attack a people, she tells them that it has horns.

They found new victim around, where they encounter it. They try to chase it but it’s escape. At night why Mulder rests in motel, he heard the manager scream about monster. He goes to check and found nothing. He goes to check his room and found hidden passage. He goes to confront him, he confess him what he see.

He see a man changed into monster, he confirmed Mulder that man they met before is a monster. After he tells Scully about this, he found his pill in room. He goes to question his doctor, he tells him that he is crazy.

Scully found that man near the shop at hotel, she goes to question him. Mulder found she is alone, she tells him that he run off. He cache him again at graveyard, he talks to him. He wants him to kill him, he tells him about what happen that night.

And also what happen about that night they found another victim. He tells him that there is a man who attack other and kill them.

Mulder found that Scully is attacked by killer, he rush to there and see she already take him out.