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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 10

The Girl Code

Marge found that Homer forget his lunch box, she rush to there. She thought that he will starving, but Homer is enjoying his pizzas. While he is in trouble at work, she help him out.

At school, Seymore shows the class about new teacher who teach the code. While Marge try to impress Homer by post his photo but instead she gets him fired.

Lisa is going to find the project that she can work on, she found out about her parent problem she wants to create application that can help user before make mistake.

Homer goes back to his old job at diner as washer, Lisa and her team continue to create the application.

Her application is good, after tested with Bart it’s working. One night Lisa heard that her application to her, but seem only Lisa see it talking. Her teacher thinks because she lack of sleep.

Her application is going well to the fair, she gets an attention. While at fair, her application tell her that he doesn’t want her to sell him. He doesn’t wants to read users post it will kill him.

While they are going to launch on live, she delete him from store. Anger investor try to chase her, she decides to plug him into cloud. He shows up to them and gone.

Lisa’s program hack into plant and blackmail Burns to get his job back.