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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 2

Founder’s Mutation

Sanjey is one of the scientist at lab, he is not so well today.  While he is at the meeting he suddenly heard the voice. He locks himself in room and kill himself.

Mulder and Scully go check his body, he sneaks out his phone and found about Gupta. At night he goes to see him about Sanjey.

Scully found the writing on his hand “Founders’ mutation”, she shows Mulder about it. At night they go to check his house and found abnormal children. In his room Mulder also heard the high pitch, while Scully goes out to talk to police.

At FBI, they tells Skinner about them. While department of defense doesn’t want them to involve. Skinner tells them to continue.

They go to talk to Dr. Goldman, while waiting they meet a pregnant woman. She tells them about her abnormal baby.

Next day the go to talk with Goldman, he tells them he try to help these abnormal children. Later that the pregnant woman they met is hit by hit-and-run, her baby is missing. They think that they kill her and take her baby.

They go to question Goldman’s wife, she is in the asylum for kill her baby. But her baby never found, she tells them about her daughter can breath under water. She try to escape from Goldman, but on the way she has accident. She cut her baby out and never find him.

Mulder found Kyle is may the one who cause Sanjey’s dead, they go to see him. But while they asks his mother about him, Mulder collapse down because that voice. Scully found him and make him stop. He tells them that he wants to find her sister.

They takes him to see Goldman, he asks him about his sister. Goldman shows him someone but he knows he is lied, he goes out and search her. He found her and get her out. They knock them down and kill Goldman.

After department of defense shows up, they found they are gone.