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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 9


In past Homer get injured by Bart, while he recovered. He is sent to be with Abe. They go out to drive together,

2 years later, Bart has his tutor. He found that she is smarter then her. His parent start to found that he is trouble, their psychology tells them that Bart need Homer intention. She suggest him to takes him to camping.

Instead he takes him stay in motel, Bart keeps disappoint from what he can compare with Lisa.

Years later, Bart become trouble kid. One night he and Milhouse go to make trouble. His friend is arrest, he hide in Abe’s room. He gives him the bike, since then he starts to play it.

One day Marge and Lisa need to go out together, Homer and Bart are together. Homer try to build relation with him but failed.

At night while he throw party at house, he found Homer smoke. They finally become to be able to talk, but Homer ruin his moment. He upset and run out to see Abe at his tomb.

He starts to do something, he goes to race the bmx championship. But he failed, after that he stop play. Years later after he graduated at same year as Lisa, he is embarrassed and doesn’t want to go to graduated party.

Finally he comes, he found Lisa and complaints to her. She tells him that he is a fine artist he should do something about it.

Years later, Bart open the bike shop. He becomes the famous artist, he and Lisa are back good for each other.