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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 1

My Struggle

Mulder starts to find about his missing sister, he worked with FBI since then to find a lot of case about paranormal. He worked with Scully, until FBI shutdown his department.

In Mexico 1947, agent takes the military doctor to see the crash of UFO. At night they found alien, they shoot him dead.

Scully gets called from Walter, assistant director of FBI. She tells Mulder about Walter call, they agreed to meet with them. But Tad shows up, they take them in to talk.

Tad tells them that he is also true believer, he wants them to work with him. He shows them Sveta, she is the one that they interview after reduction. She tells them about her pregnant, aliens take them several times.

Scully exams Sveta to check about prove, Tad takes Mulder to see someone is very paranoid. They show him the spacecraft and its ability.

Tad found that Scully works on children who has no ear, he thinks that they are Alien’s kid but she thinks it’s just coincidence.

At night Sveta tells Mulder that she doesn’t sure that alien abducted her, after asks her she said it’s human who takes her baby to their ship. Mulder tells Scully that he thinks they are misled since beginning.

Mulder goes to see Walter, he wants to know about his files. But all his files are missing, Mulder goes to see a man that help him confirmed about what he just learned.

Mulder tells what he discovered to Scully and Tad, Tad tells them what he discovers about conspiracy. Scully warns them that what they try to do is treason.

Next day while Tad online, Sveta tells the press that she is paid by Tad. Mulder try to find her but she is missing, Tad’s friend base also attacked and destroyed.

Scully found that Tad is gone, Scully and Mulder go to see Walter. At night Sveta’s car is stop no where, aliens ship show up and killed her.