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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 8

Paths of Glory

At school there is an school fair, children race their built car. Lisa with her solar cell’s car, she almost win but she lost. She found someone name Amelia, she is looking for her information.

She was the inventor but she failed many time and arrest to insane Asylum. Lisa wants to find her works, at night Bart and Lisa break in to find it.

Lisa found that she made invention that can change the world. Bart found journal from one of patient, he shared it to his friend include Ralph. Sheriff found that and thinks it’s Bart’s diary, he goes to see March about it. She talks to Homer about his diary.

Lisa and Millhouse are looking for Amelia’s diary. But they found where she hidden it now it’s become restaurant. The manager there forbidden them to get in.

Marge and Homer try to check that Bart is Sociopath, but after he found that what is test for. He intend to make it like he is sociopath, March and Homer try not to scare him.

After check him a while, Homer and Marge decide to send Bart to the Asylum, during there military shows up and use him for testing the military program.

Lisa found Amelia last invention, she is going to shows it to public. they are disappoint when they see a loom. After she start it, they found that it’s actually computer.

After Bart found out that he is actually testing the actual program that kill people, he begs them that he doesn’t want. He wants to go home, after that staff found that he is not insane, they send him back home.