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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 10

And the Final Curtain

They found internet, communication, electricity are gone. They found that Prospero removed all technology. Cassandra found the rests of satellite feed before down, they see the tree concur the word.

Prospero tells Moriarty that he build the eternal forest, he found this is not his dream. Seem Prospero also under someone spell.

Flynn and Baird goes in past to stop Prospero with crystal, if they failed. The rest of librarian will find way to stop them, after they take off their crystal is broken.

Prospero found that someone might goes to past to stop him, he asks Moriarty to stop them. Librarians try to find clue from Flynn’s note how to stop Prospero.

Moriarty shows up and help them, he wants to destroy Prospero. Today is they first day that Shakespeare first announce Prospero, but Moriarty try to kill him instead. Flynn and Baird stop him.

Librarians and Jenkins try to figure out what’s message they try to send to them. Flynn found that Shakespeare has magic quill. He tells them about his next play about Prospero. He becomes Prospero, he use his magic and attack people.

Jenkins found what Flynn point to them, they are going to exorcism Prospero. Flynn and Baird goes to see Moriarty to work with him to stop him.

While Moriarty lure him, Flynn and Baird try to destroy his staff and book. But he found out and try to stop him. He is knocked down, Baird is push down the lake. She gets Excalibur from lady of lake. Moriarty is killed by him, she send Flynn the Excalibur. He fight with him and break his staff.

Librarians meet Baird and Flynn, Jenkins tells them that they can’t come back. After Shakespeare cross the timeline will disappear, after that they disappear.

After that they found the door shows up in library, inside they found the statue of Flynn and Baird. They comes back to live, they explains them what’s happen.