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The Originals Season 3 Episode 11

Wild at Heart

This night, Aya hosts the diner and shows them her witch. She is here to check who is royalty, Marcel pass her test.

After Davina is shunned out the coven, she has difficult time to live. Aya tells Elijah about clue that Lucien and Aurora left, she purpose to work together with him.

She goes to get Davina out, she wants to hire her. She convinces her with spell that can bring back Kol. Davina wants to check if the spell is correct, she is going to ask Kol.

She takes the poison and go in the dead world, she meets Kol. Aya shows Elijah Ariane. She wants to peek in to his knowledge to see what is his foe. She found about pale horse that will kill them all.

Camille is not controllable, she knocks him down before left him. She goes to see Will and lure him out. She tricks him to get something from Lucien.

After Kol see her spell, he tells her that is’ dangerous. He tells her about Stix Coven, he tells her not to work with them they are worst.

Camille stills can’t be control, Klaus is upset. Hayley tells him that she will talk sense to her.¬†Elijah tells Klaus to let Camille goes, he warns him that storm is coming.

Ariane shows up to help Davina from her ancestor, she takes her back to her body. Klaus found what is pale horse, it’s a toy that Elijah made for Rebecca when she is a kid and it’s made from white oak.

Klaus found that Camille has it. Ariane thinks that Elijah comes to kill her to protect what she saw from his mind, he did.