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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 9

And the Happily Ever Afters

Flynn is chasing by ninjas, he asks Jenkins to open him the door. He gets the bell from them and escape.

Flynn notices that other librarians are missing, and Jenkins doesn’t remember any of them. While he is checking what wrong with him, clip book start to fly. He found out about totem pole missing.

He goes there and found Baird but she doesn’t remember him, she tells him about other who are in her team too, Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra. He also see Moriarty and Baird make out.

He goes back to tell Jenkins about it, he thinks he should play along. They work with him to find about totem. Eve found that there is no way out of this island, so totem still on island.

They found there are 2 people who enter the island, one is Flynn and Ariel. Flynn thinks that Prospero might behind this, he and Ariel escapes back to Library.

They convinces her to help them how to revert his spell, Flynn try to asks her what is Prospero’s plan. They go back to island, everyone in town are chasing them.

Flynn and Ariel plan to send each one of them to the back door to library, they lure all of them to the library success. Flynn try to convince them.

They agree, they back to island to find their totem and destroy it. When they separate each of them are lure by each of their fond. But they are failed,

Moriarty confess to Baird that he begged Prospero to make her and her friend this town so they can live happy ever, she tells him this is not real. They arrive at totem, Ariel cast her spell and totem appear.

They destroy all their totem to destroy the spell. They escape from island but instead to library they found totem. Flynn now is under Prospero’s spell, he doesn’t remember Jenkins. Baird kiss him and he breaks the spell. They found from Jenkins that they are unider Prospero’s spell for 3 weeks. Now they see the lay line on sky.