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The Originals Season 3 Episode 10

A Ghost Along the Mississippi

Klaus is very upset about Camille’s death, then suddenly she wakes up. She tells Klaus about Aurora’s plan, she forced her to drink her blood and kill herself.

Elijah tells Klaus about Triston plan, Vincent, Finn’s pendant. At night Vincent is going to activate the spell on medallion. After that he captured him.

Trison send men to attack Jackson and Hayley, they are captured. Camille tells Klaus that she doesn’t want to turn.

Elijah helps Vincent out of Triston’s men, after he try to escape from them. He tells him about activated medallion.

Triston shows up to Freya and Jackson, he killed Jackson. Elijah found from Freya that Jackson is dead, Triston will kill Hayley next if he doesn’t show up.

Klaus, Elijah, Freya and Vincent are plan to against Triston. Freya wants something from Aurora, Vincent goes to get her.

Freya goes to help Camille out, she asks her to help her. Elijah make another meeting with Triston for exchange. He tells Marcel that after exchange is done, he will send them out forever.

During exchange, while Triston goes to check Aurora. She grabbed the medal out and lock them in. But he found that Aurora is Camille, she walk out the place. The medallion only prevent dead and not dead to get out, but Camiile is not either.

They convinces the Strinx to stand down, they all gives up. Klaus try to convinces Camille to live. Elijah tells Klaus to let her choose.

At night after talk with Vincent, Camille decides to stay. She feeds on him. Klaus found that Aurora is missing, he thinks it’s Lucien who get her out.

In night, Elijah and Hayley make the funeral for Jackson.