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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 8

And the Point of Salvation

While military is checking the product from one of their contractor, the alarm went on. They starts to evacuate.

Jenkins summon faeries to help him figure about Prospero, he said he will takes off and find out.

Librarians are talking about crystal from Atlantis, but instead they show up in military base. One of person there has glow eye and start to attack them, Stone knock him down.

Cassandra  found that computer release something and make people rage, they are looking way to close it. They found server but they are attacked by rage people, after that they found that they are trapped in time loop.

But only Ezekiel can remember what happened, after repeat the loop every time they almost escape the loop. Every time his hand injured, he starts to give up.

But then he found about this is a game, they always start at the save point. He traps them inside and try to figure out how get out.

He try to learn each thing from other librarians to help him pass the obstacle, after try many times. He found out how to pass to another level, he takes them out. But he still there, he sacrifice himself and game crash.

Baird, Cassandra and Stone are safe. But they found Ezekiel is not there, they re boot the game and get all of them back. Ezekiel doesn’t remember anything, Jenkins ask his fairly about crystal that how military get hand on. But it tricks him, he rush out to warn other but too late they go in to the trap.

Later that he forget about it.