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The Originals Season 3 Episode 9


Elijah found where is Rebecca and rescued her, Triston wants to help witch to be next Regent, he tells Marcel about his candidate.

Camile gets called from Vincent, he tells her about Will that compelled by Lucien. He lost his job.

Hayley goes to bring Jackson back home for christmas with her family, Triston plans with Aurora to get rid of Freya.

Rebecca gets the mark on her hand, it’s match with the knife that stabbed her. Jackson shows up to help Freya from her attacker. One of them get her medallion.

Camille and Klaus go to see Will and help him out of compulsion, Freya tells them about the medal that need to destroy. She said that it’s need to be used, Elijah and Rebecca shows up tell them about her problem.

Marcel confronts Vincent about his ally with Triston, he accepts that he wants to be regents to change thing.

Freya tells them that if curse glow, she will goes rampage as ripper. They found that Freya is poisoned,  but to help her they need Vincent.

Freya finish her spells and cut of her curse out, she back to normal. That night Mikealsons family spent time together in Christmas.

Klaus tells Rebecca that she can’t stay, so enemy doesn’t know that she is here. At night Triston goes to ask Marcel about Vincent, he tells him he won’t work with him.

Freya found that Finn’s gem is missing. At night Triston and his men go to see Vincent while he try to talk with his ancestor.

He threaten him to do as he said otherwise he will put Finn back to him. Elijah found from Rebecca, she shows him her curse. She tells him to dagger her and hide her body. She forces him to do it. Klaus wakes up and found Camille dead.