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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 7

And the Image of Image

While Librarians is at London, they found a man is hit by car before a woman flow up. Stone gets her before hurt, they are wonder why clipping book doesn’t warn them.

They found one of student die of OD, Baird and Stone go to check with his mother. They found he is also enter the club before he died, it’s as same club that they found girl flew.

That night they go to check that club, but only Baird and Cassandra are allow in. Ezekiel success to sneaks inside, both of them are taken picture by photographer. After that Baird and Cassandra are following by weird man.

Cassandra figured out next victim, Ezekiel and Stone found her but she suddenly heart stop. They try to help her by pump her heart and success.

That man try to help Baird with Cassandra, Baird thinks that photographer might be evil. But after check he seems clean, Jenkins also shows up. She tells him about photo, they found that victim get effects from some bad behavior that they didn’t do.

That man tells Cassandra that he is Dorian grey, Jenkins found that the club is on the street own by Dorian grey’s painter. They think Dorian grey own the club, Jenkins tells them if they destroy his paint he will die.

They sneaks in his gallery and found his paint and destroy it. but they found it’s not work. Baird thinks that he might hide in club, they go to check his basement.

They found that Dorian use a lot of image to build his image, he shows up and hurt himself. Cassandra get injured instead, he threaten them.

Baird tells Ezekiel to replace all his picture with himself pictures, Baird chasing him to the roof. He try to threaten her by jump down, but they switch his picture to make Baird’s picture instead. She jump down and make him dead.