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The Originals Season 3 Episode 8

The Other Girl in New Orleans

Aurora kidnapped Camile to her lair, she turns all of her men to vampire. Freya andĀ Elijah captured Tristan to tortured for Rebeccah’s position.

Klaus found that Aurora gets Camille. He goes after her, … following him too. One of Strix wants Marcel to subdue Mikaelsons and get Triston out with stake.

He shows up to Elijah and wants to get him out, he try to convinces him to avoid declare war with Strix. He doesn’t agreed, Marcel and Strix shows up to get Triston.

Klaus found Aurora and Camille, she try to threaten him with her life. Marcel back stab Elijah while Hayley is ambush by them. But he help her out, he tricks Triston to leave.

Marcel found that Freya is injured, he helps her with his blood. Aurora tricks Klaus to away from Camile, while her men is in transition and try to kill her. Klaus shows up and help her.

They convinces Elijah that Marcel is on their side, He goes to help Triston with Klaus’s blood. He agreed to takes Marcel with them, he gets some information to Mikaelsons.

Klaus and Elijah think from information they get from Aurora and from Marcel, they can find Rebecca.

At night Freya call Finn’s spirit and talks to him.