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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 6

And the Infernal Contract

A woman is running from something, she goes to hide in her room, before the fire shows up on ceiling and pull her in.

From Clipping book, Jenkins asks Librarians to check about her case, Baird goes to see her friend Sam. He is running for major. He wants her to check about girl missing, Brandy.

He tells her that she worked for his campaign before missing, then she see the librarians. Ezekiel tells her that Sam texted her before missing, Baird is upset because Sam lied to her.

Finally he tells her about place they usually met, they go to check in his place and found the ceiling opened and Brandy fell down dead.

Baird tells Sam about magic, but he won’t believe it. Jenkins found symbol they found in that room. He tells them about devil’s contact, someone make deal with devil to kill her.

Ezekiel and Cassandra found that Brandy’s phone is blocked by magic. They found about Keating and devil, he make the contacts every 44 years. And next one is due now,

They are looking for his contact, Ezekiel found where is it. Jenkins and Cassandra disguise to get in to steal it. Baird and Sam waiting to get the contact.

Jenkins talks to devil to stall him, while Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra found way to get contact. Stone, Ezekiel and Cassandra found secret door. They get the contact and get out, but Sam knock Baird down and grabbed contact.

Devil shows to him and wants him to sign, Baird try to convinces him. But she failed, Sam signed contact. He wants to be a hero, they thinks to be a hero they must create the big disaster.

They found that they try to blow up the main gas line, they go in to stop it. But Contact try to stop them they leak more gas and trap in the room.

Baird convinces Sam to let go the contact, Devil goes to see Library to make a deal with them. Jenkins try to help them, Devil goes to get contact back from Baird. He found that she did sign contact to void it, he said to her that she has to make a wish. She did wish him to be human. He becomes human and can’t hurt anyone.