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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 12

Sister City, Part II

Ducky and Palmer are release by hijack, they are there to looking for body. They thinks they are politic.

At morning, Bishop give Chris the body of Pavlenko. King tells Gibbs that he met Byle before he was missing. They think that Eva might kill them.

King goes to see Luca, he meet Eva there. He try to get her in but she won’t, Luca help her escape.

They found the place where Byle hidden their place, Pavlenko used t be there. King and them go to check, they found Byle there. But he is also poisoned. But they safe him on time, he tells him about Manta Ray project.

They found┬áthe transmitter in Pavlenko’s body, they track it back to Paulina another Russian operator. After that they following her to see Eva, but she escapes. They found Paulina hidden while her another agent dead.

She tells him that Eva worked under Pavlenko, after that Luca escape from NCIS. He goes to meet Eva, King following him there. Then a shooter shows up try to kill them, Eva chasing after him.

King following her and help her from get killed. He questions her about it, she tells him that Pavlenko and her found out about Manta Ray project that her government try to get it from Byle. They warn commander Lively about it, so he try to stop it.

Next day NCIS goes to arrest Byle before he escape out of country.