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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 5

And the Hollow Men

Librarians sneak in the museum, they are looking for glass globe. Baird found Flynn inside the armor. But Ezekiel found it and drop it, he try to chase it.

Stone found Ezekiel fells sleep, after that Baird and Flynn discover that this is a trap but too late they are fell asleep. Cassandra  and Jenkins feels the vibration.

After wake up, Jenkins tell them now their back door is unstable. Flynn found that he is hostage, he found that owner tracking down Librarians. He tells them about his place, owner shows up. He try to send signal to them, owner tells them he is Ray.

They found Flynn’s position, they are going to help him. They exit to the port, Ezekiel try to find them. But they just found the container full of artifacts, Ray and Flynn are on the car and he drive off.

While they are checking in container, Moriarty shows up. He found the artifacts same way they did. Librarians takes artifacts and escape except Baird, because door is closed.

Flynn try to figure out who is him, finally he found who is Ray. He thinks he is Library. Jenkins tells them that Library is dying, he thinks that the library is eating itself.

Moriarty convinces Baird to work together, while Ray and Flynn are going to find his memory. Jenkins try to find something for library to eat before it eat itself all.

Flynn found the way to get the temple for staff, while Baird and Moriarty are following them and found their car. They enter the temple like them, while Flynn and Ray found stuff. Moriarty shows up with Baird.

Ray touch the stuff and he starts to remember. But his memory is too much, Flynn try to ask him let it goes. While Jenkins plans to getting eat by library, he asks Librarians to get out.

Flynn tells Ray to give stuff to Moriarty, as he is fiction so he can take it. Ray gives it to him and seem better, he remember everything.

After last resources are out, they found Flynn,Ray and Baird. He introduces them him.