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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 11

Blue Christmas

Few Intruders break into the house and rob the owner, NCIS goes to check the house that night. They question victim’s husband and daughter.

They found that her husband is navy commander, he found that his computer is missing. They found the tracking on his computer and following it, but they found Danny with commander’s computer.

He tells King that he doesn’t know how it’s come from. He tells Loetta about party he went.

Brody, Sonja and one of NOPD go to see who own the gun, he said it’s Danny who bought the gun. They found Danny’s print on the backpack where computer is.

They try to ask Danny but he won’t say anything, he convince him to speak but Loetta tells him to wait lawyer. NOPD shows up and take him.

They found that Alonzo is one who talk with Danny, his father think he is not criminal. They found acid in his room same as thieves use to break in. They go to find him at school, but as soon he see them he run.

They found Alonzo and Danny are friend since kid, they try to find Alonzo while King try to make deal for Danny.

Loetta convinces Danny to talk, he tells them about place he and friend go often. King and Chris go to check place and found Sofia, daughter of victim. She shots Alonzo because he is going to kill her.

She confesses that she is the part of break in, they question other of their friends. Finally Danny is get out. But they found out that Alonzo didn’t kill victim, King found that Sofia is the one who kill victim.

She confess that she is the master mind, she wants to get rid her because she takes her father from her.