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The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

And the Cost of Education

At night in campus, there is a celebrate. One of them Peter is drag away be giant octopus. Librarians are prepare for going to Wexler university, seem the founder has rituals. Before they going to check that missing person.

At campus they go to check about Peter, they get a lot of weird story. Cassandra and Ezekiel found one of their student hunt for magic, she helps them get in the party.

Stone and Baird go to talk to Dr. Bancroft, while they are talking with him Giant Octopus take him out. Cassandra and student go to check the basement. but they found nothing.

They found that 5 buildings are line circle like magic summoning, they go to check each building for magic.

Cassandra found that student she met accidentally use magic, they try to find how to stop it.

Lucy tells them she knows how to fix it, but Cassandra try to convince her to stop. While she is so convince, she is taken out by Hybristic.

Cassandra wants to bring Lucy back, they use Ezekiel as bait to lure it out. He successes to get it out, he following Ezekiel. Cassandra gets in the dimension to find Lucy, she found her. She tells her that small Hybristic hunt something and bring back the food.

While Cassandra is captured by Hybristic, few women shows up and help her. They are come from Lake forum, they recruit her but she refused.

They are all back safety.Jenkins talks with Cassandra about Lake. He warns her about the Lake.