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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 10

Billy and the Kid

In 2005 while Katarina hit the city, Chris get called from victim’s wife. He goes to see her and found Phillips is shots, he tells him about blue tattoo shooter.

Today NCIS goes to check the shooting at restaurant, owner, waitress and navy Ford are killed. Chris and Sonja found another survivor, Fray hidden in fridge. He tells Chris about blue tattoo.

Chris thinks it might be same killer that kill Ford and Phillps, he asks Sebastian to check his old evidence.

They found that Ford was in group who help after Katarina, Sebastian tells them about blue tattoo it’s actually a symptom of disease.

Brody and Sonja found Chris at Ford’s house, they chasing a man they found in his house. But they lost him, they think he will comes back again.

Loetta found that Tagget is the tattoo man, he was arrested for 10 years. They think Tagget thinks Ford has his heist, in past they found that Phillip’s wife get handed of heist money. But she knows nothing about it.

From old photo in old case they found Frey inside, they question him. He tells them he has no idea where is him.

They found that Tagget is shows up at Ford’s place, it was Phillips’s old place. They think he try to get heist money back, but they found that his house is gone.

They found that Tagget might knows Phillips’s wife, they think that pack company mixed up their stuff during moving. He tells King that Tagget might following her.

Chris and King go to see her, King found Tagget hostages her. But they get them out and kill Tagget.