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The Flash Season 2 Episode 12

Fast Lane

In night that STAR Labs explode, Joey is push down the tar pit. Today he just wake up from that pit.

At night Iris goes to see Wally race, same night Joey goes to see one of man who throw him down the pit, Daniel and kill him.

Wells just finish the speed force’s collector, he put in his suit. After that they found meta-man shows up to Clay, Flash try to help him. He knocks him down with water.

Cisco tells Barry that he is slower, but they didn’t notices the different. Iris goes to threaten the gang to stop Wally’s racing. He is upset that she make herself danger.

Zoom is not satisfy what Wells give to him, he want all Flash’s speed. After that Barry and Well go to test his device to shutdown the portal, it works.

At night while Iris and Joe go to see Wally race, Tar pit attack them. Flash get Wally out, but during the rescue Flash is not fast enough to grabbed the scatter piece. One of it hit Iris.

Caitlin found that Flash speed force is drop 2%, after talks Wells confess that he stole his speed for Zoom. Joe is upset and throw him to cell, they go out to get Tar pit.

Joe lure Tar pit out and Flash use Well’s device and stop him. Wells tells them about his daughter and Zooms’s plan. He tells them to send him back and close all portal so Zoom can’t cross ever.

Barry decides to help Wells. they tells him that they are going to save his daughter. They will go to his earth.