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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 8


Today is Hugo trial, King goes to the court to testify him. One of the witness Don is missing from the protection, King try to get him back. But when he is in his car, his car explode.

They spot the suspect’s car scene, they following car crash. They found that they might chase after Maslow, Don’s partner.

King goes to see Hugo to ask him about Don, but he won’t say anything. King takes Sonja to take Maslow back to testify.

They found where bomber is from evidence they found from car crash, car is registered to Frank. But real Frank is dead, Chris and Brody go to see place. They meet Don’s wife, she expect them to be Frank. She tells them about Frank he is new AA from her group, she is his sponsor.

Chris and Brody following Frank’s phone and found his apartment, they found the trap in his apartment. They found him dead, they found that Frank already tracking them.

King and Sonja go to see Maslow, he asks him to apologize him then he will testify. On the way they are ambush, Maslow get chances and escape.

They found that they are not link to Hugo, so they are wonder who after Maslow. They found that explosive is come from Zed, they think he try to get King.

King is chasing by Zed, he lures them to him. While Sonja takes Maslow out, King lure them to the car where he ambush them. He arrests them, after that they found that Maslow is working with Zed.

King get Maslow back to testify exchange for not charge with murder, after that Maslow testify Hugo on trial.