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The Flash Season 2 Episode 9

Running to Stand Still

Zoom is chasing down Wells and grabbed him, he asks him to release Jessee. Tonight is Christmas, Iris tells Barry about her mother and her new child. She wants to tell Joe about hers.

At prisoner, weather wizard shows up and break in with his storm power. He release captain cold and got to release Trickster.

Barry found that Patty’s father is killed by Trickster, she is upset and wants to get him. Trickster, Captain cold and weather wizard  plan to get rid the Flash.

Barry and Cisco plan to create wand that Barry used to get rid of weather wizard in another time line.

Barry and Iris found captain Cold at his house, he warns them about weather wizard and Trickster’s plan.

Trickster hack in police system, they try to track him from the video. Patty and Flash go there, they are get in trap. Flash gets her out safety.

Trickster disguise as Santa clause and distributed children the present box. At night Wells meets with Zoom secretly.

Flash found weather wizard, he goes there to stop him. But he lure him to Trickster, he tells him about 100 bomb box that he gave to kid.

They force him to stand down to end him otherwise he will detonate the bomb. He starts to attack him, Wells and other try to find the bomb. Wells found one of it and try to send it to dimension and destroy all of them.

Flash arrest them, Patty shows up and lock down Flash. She wants to kill weather wizard, he try to convinces her not to do it. He convinced her, she arrested him.

At night, Wally Joe’s wife son shows up. Wells goes to see Zoom, he tells him that he knows why he try to send vilian to here. He wants to make Barry stronger and takes his power later.