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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 6

Insane in the Membrane

At city today it’s Red Dress Run, during that there is a woman is chasing by man with gun. She running to the top of building and fell down dead.

NCIS found that she is Kelsey, witness tells them that she scream for help. But they can’t find anyone chase her.

They found that she is high on flekka, Loetta shows them the other victim. Seem they have a lot of problem in city.

They go to check Kelsy’s friend, she tells them about flekka’s party. She gives them the party’s address.

Sonja, Chris and Brody go to check the party and found dealer, Anthony. He start to get crazy and knock them down before escape.

Next day they found Anthony is killed, they think he is killed by Triad. They called this killer “the ghost”

NCIS found another lair where they sells the drug, they found flekka at Kendrick’s house. They ask him about Triad and the ghost.

Sebastian found the ghost, Liu. They found that councilman related to him, King goes to ask him. He tells him a way to make Kendrick talk.

He helps them setup Liu to meet with them, Sonja goes undercover to see Liu. He gives her the drug, he forces her to kill Kendrick. She help him out, NCIS shows up and get them all.

King found that Singh is the one who fund Liu for drugs, he wants to swamp the city to make he win the vote. He refused them, he said that it’s Councilman try to blame him. But finally he confess.