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The Flash Season 2 Episode 8

Legends of Today

Barry try to practice but he is not faster, Wells and Caitlin are looking way to improve his speed.

At night, port guard are attack by criminal that captain bring here. He is looking for a woman with wings.

At night Kendra takes Cisco to her coffee shop. Then that man shows up, he refer has priestess. Cisco send distress signal to Flash, he rescues them. Cisco expose Barry.

They ask her why he wants to hurt her, he doesn’t know. Cisco tells them about what that man call,┬áChay-Ara. Barry thinks they need to help from Arrow.

They go to there to ask some help from Arrow, at night Arrow and his team fighting with …. Flash shows up and rescues John. He tells them about he request.

Cisco tells Barry about his vibe about Kendra with her wing, that man shows up and attack them. Thea shot him down but they found he’s not dead.

Cisco tells them about his vision, he tells them about Kendra. Malcom shows up and tells them about Kendra. He tells them he is Vandel, he is immortal.

During Cisco talks with Kendra, a man with wing take her away. Flash and Arrow are chasing them, he is Khufu he called her Chay-Ara.

Then he is fighting with Arrow and knock down flash. but they work together and knock him down. He explains them about them and Vandal,

Patty shows up and shoot Wells, Caitlin found out and tells her to call Joe. Malcom shows up tells them about Vandal go to get staff of Horus. If he gets it he will not stoppable.

Khufu wants to prove Kendra, he wants her to jump down so she will remember. He push her down, Barry helps her up. They found the staff, they go there to get it before Vandal get it.

Caitlin gives Jay the drug that will make him faster and he can remove bullet out of Wells. He did and safe him.

Kendra decides to jump on her own, she fly up with her wing. Flash and Arrow found Vandel and his stuff. He knocks them down, Flash helps Arrow out before Vandel kill them with his stuff.

They plan to get rid Vandel at Central city.