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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 5

Foreign Affairs

Teenagers while playing their firework, they found one of house nearby is on fire. They try to put out the fire, one of them found a body in the fire.

NCIS goes to check his body, they found victim is Australian navy, Colston. Agent Naomi shows up, help them on case.

Loetta found that victim died before burned, he also cut out one of his finger. Sebastian found that this killer did this before. They think killer is a hit man.

They setup the hit man, but instead they get Ross P. He tells them he is hired by someone to pick up. They scared the hitman off.

They found that Phil is the one who run off, they go check his place and found his office. They found killer kill the wrong person, he wants to kill Ryder.

After talks to Ryder, they found that may be his girlfriend might be in danger. Chris and Brody go to see her, she tells them about guy who tells Ryan to see Sugar Wells.

He tells them Ryan has debts with him but he didn’t hire someone to kill him. After that they found that┬ákiller might send the bomb to to Ryder. But they found the finger of victim, King thinks Ryder hire someone to kill him to fake that he is dead.

They found that killer last payment drop, but he is killed. They think that it’s not Ryder who hired him.

They found that Coulson’s girlfriend has affair with Ryder, they go back to question her. But they found that her friend might behind all this. She confronts him, he confesses to her. NCIS shows up and arrest him.