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The Flash Season 2 Episode 7

Gorilla  Warfare

Barry feels better but still not completed, Wells tells them he will go back. But Caitlin doesn’t agree, he still ignore. She tells them they need Wells until Barry back to normal.

She goes to convinces Wells to stay and fight with them, from talk with him he think they will set the trap at STAR lab after close all other portal.

At night Grodd killed one of scientist at lab after control him steals something. Barry is healed but he lost his confidence.

Grodd just takes control on Caitlin, she knocks him down. Joe tells them about Grodd, they think Grodd takes her.

Caitlin wakes up and found Grodd, he wans her to help him. he wants her to make more Grodd.

Iris takes Barry’s father back to see him, Wells found Caitlin. They plan to use Wells to convinces Grodd to release her. He try to convince him but he failed, but they managed to knock him down and escape.

At night Caitlin goes to call Grodd out, Flash shows up to lure him to the portal. Caitlin and Flash works together to send him out.

Grodd is sent to the forest in world 2 where there is his kind there.