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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 4

I Do

Alison’s bridesmaid just sleep with Chris last night, today when she goes to Alison’s wedding she found the body.

NCIS found that he’s Max, he is drone’s pilot. After question all guest nobody can tell them anything. They go to see his wife, she also has no idea. But his son tells Chris Max’s threat.

NCIS found the protester on the base, they found that one of them Kelvin has past with paint they found on Max’s car.

They question him about Max, but he refused but he confess that he paint his car. He tells them about Max’s secret place.

They found that he is may be a spy, Sebastian found that he might use the flying machine to spy. King and Chris go to see company that provide his machine. They run as soon they see them, but they caught. They tell them that Max bought it from them, he wants to give it to his son.

They found Max spy on the land, the owner chased him out. Brody and Sonja go to check the field and they found a body of Louison, she is reported missing over year.

They question her husband, he doesn’t care now who did it. King and Chris following her running path before she missing. They found that she might be hit by car, Max goes to wedding try to solve her murderer.

Next day NCIS questions Alice’s husband about it. He tells them that his car is accessed by anyone in unit. But they found that Max help Alice’s husband unit, there is a record with his drone. During attacks one of them confess that he run over the girl.

NCIS questions him and finally he confess.