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The Flash Season 2 Episode 6

Enter Zoom

72 hours ago, Flash talking with Dr.light She tells him about how to contact  him, he convinces her to help him.

Well thinking of his daughter, Jesse. Cisco, Katlin and Joe are not trust Wells, they want to use Cisco to check on him.

Cisco found that Dr. light is escaping. They are all frustrated, it seems that Wells’s daughter is targeted by Zoom and she get killed.

Barry has idea that he will use Linda disguise as Dr.light, to lure Zoom out. But all his friends think it’s not really good idea.

Barry tells Linda the truth about himself, then at night they stage the fight between them. She knocks him down and take his emblem out, after she throw his to the dimension. But Zoom didn’t shows up.

At night Zoom shows up and kidnapped Linda, Flash found that he is on the STAR LAB roof now. Flash go out to fight him, but he is beaten.

Zoom kill him and take him to the press, and to police station.and too STAR lab, Cisco takes chance and put the serum on Zoom. He escapes.

Barry still alive, after he wakes up he tells them he can’t feel his legs.