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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 3

Touched by the Sun

Lindsey’s navy pilot, today she is going to show the flight. But after takes off a while, her plane crash on the ground.

NCIS goes to check her body, Madam secretary shows up and wants them to figure out what happen. Until then all navy supply will hold up until they found the problem.

They found that Lindsey may crash the plan for purpose, while they are looking for reason she did. Her father shows up, he tells them she is best pilot.

Loetta tells them probably she has problem while on height and black out because of G-force, but Sebastian found that it’s not.

Lindsey’s colleague tell them about her score records might made up, Patton found about hate threat. They might come after her from the mission, Loetta thinks that she is poisoned by someone and make she lost control.

They found who post the threat, they go to see Kellan. He tells them he wants to have relationship with her but she doesn’t want. He shows them the video about her and they found one of her colleague might attack her.

He refused, he tells them about her behavior. He said he just confront her because of her lacking of responsibility. But he didn’t hurt her.

They found that she might has an affair, she sneaks up to met someone. Chris and Sonja check her place and found someone there try to running. They found it’s her father. He tells them he try to protect his daughter, she abused drug because of job’s pressure.

They found her at clinic, they tell them that she get the Fertility hormone. That’s why she gets all of that symptom, but they fund she never take it.

Loetta found out about mercury poisoned, Brody thinks who poisoned him might be also poisoned. She found one of her colleague has same symptom, they found him unconscious on his plane too.

They think they may poisoned by their plane, they found that one of the plane part release mercury to the air. And poisoned them.