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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 12

Don’t You Forget About Me

At night Claire shows up to a couple and threaten to kill a man, she asks what is him. Dean gets call from Claire, they head to south Dakota.

They go to see Judy, Alex and Claire, Claire tells them about case of missing people. During dinner, they are in middle of family crisis. She tells them about Claire’s problem, while Alex seem ok. They let Sam talks sense to her.

At night, some one attack one of teacher at Alex’s school. Next day he is found dead hanging up-side down on pole.

Sam and Dean go to question staff and student around school, they found janitor is very suspicious. At night Jody and Claire are attacked by him. He dragged Claire out, Jody try to call them but she is taken.

They found that janitor is come from Alex’s nest. They warn her about them, Alex found that her boy friend is also vampire. Dean arrive and found Alex is already taken, Sam found the old map and tells Dean about it.

Jody and Claire are at their nest, while Henry take Alex back. Janitor tells her that he is one of her victim, she bought to her nest. He wants to revenge her.

He start to feed on Claire, Sam and Dean show up and help them out.