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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 2

Shadow Unit

At night a man is killed on his own roof, NCIS goes to check his body and found he has top secret document missing.

Sebestian tells King he knows the victim, he is Penn. He tells him about thing he is wrote. He found the bullets kill him come from navy, shadow unit from SEAL.

Chris and Sonja go to check the SEAL team, they tell them about army of drug lord. They also tell them that some navy is upset with Penn’s writing.

Brody goes to restaurant that Penn often there, the owner met with Penn several times about San Martel operation, he tells her he might end up dead too. He tells her about Travis, King goes to see him.

He shows him the evidence that one of SEAL’s man kill people, they found one of SEAL Wyatt¬†that might involve to Penn. At night Wyatt is waiting for Penn, he is killed in his car.

NCIS goes to check his body, they found Ryan’s DNA in his car. They go to see his wife, she tell them about how to tracks him. They found him in the national park.

Chris and Sonja found Ryan, but he escape them. They found that photo evidence is fake, after Patton can access Penn’s file. He found that someone is delete his files. They track him back to Travis.

He tells them that he is CIA, they question him about fake photo. He doesn’t admit anything, Sebastian found the killer’s fingerprint in the photo evidence.

Chris and Sonja found Ryan, he tells them about CIA who make them extracted after the massacre. They go to captured restaurant owner, he is the one who kill people. He said that CIA Trevor tells him to do.