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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 11

Into the Mystic

Eileen ‘s parent chase out the creature that going to hurt her, they sacrifice their life for her.

One of angel spots Lucifer in public, he lures him into the wood. He tells them that he is only hope for them to fight the darkness. But he won’t believe, so he kill him.

Sam and Dean go to check about retiring place about Harold’s place, he bash his head to the wall. Before died he yell that get off his head.

Dean found from manager about his enemy, Sam found a lot of Viagra in his room. They go to exorcise one of his enemy remains.

At night manager there heard the scream, he starts to bang his head on wall and fell down. One of resident saw all of it, she tells them about woman feeding victim’s head.

They found about Banshee and mist, Dean goes out to get weapon to kill it. Sam stays to check who is next victim.

Dean found Castiel in his lair looking for something, he tells him everything about Amara.

Sam found that Mildred may be next target, Sam found that Banshee might disguise as her niece,Eileen. He is looking for her, he is in her trap. She through that he is one of Banshee, she tells him that she is also hunt for Banshee.

They make a trap for it, while waiting it to attack Mildred. It’s coming and attack Dean, he start to banging the head. Mildred activate trap, while Eileen kill it.