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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 1

Sic Semper Tyrannis

While 2 soldiers are on the way to the army show, their convoy is explode. King and them go to check them. They found that the bomber get their weapon too.

They found one that remote the bomb is Yaden, he is discharged from Navy before. They found him and chasing after him, he is cornered. He said “Sic Semper Tyrannis” before he shot himself.

They found that Yaden play rock climbing, when they check the owner of the the place they found she and Yaden work together to build bomb.

Sonja thinks that they have more people working together, they think they plan to use weapon they stole.

Sonja tells them about Brant, he starts the regroup the millitary. They go to check the place, they found his wife. She tells them about Zed.

King decides to undercover as revolution, he will go to see Zed. He takes him out to their base.

They try to tracking King and find out where is video of Brant taken, they found where are them. While Brody and Chris canvas around, one of them spot them. King shoots him and make him escape.

After Zed tells him them that now their weapon is ready to attack, King goes back to find out about weapon. But he found out that Brant is died long times ago, he try to make them fight each other then FBI and NCIS shows up and arrest them.

They found Zed is missing, and found the broken weapon. They are lost what they are missing. They found Zed that leave with some plan.

They found Zed associated, Anna. Brant ex wife, King found her with the plan. She plans to sell it to the enemy of country.