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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 10

The Devil in the Details

Sam found that Rowena works with Lucifer from beginning, he tells him that he will offer him something that he can’t refuse.

He takes him back to his memory, where he sees him and his girlfriend. He shows him the past that he used to be.

Dean found him sick, Castiel shows up and tell him because Angel raise their power with area around.

Castiel is checking the site where angel hit Amara, he found it’s dark even it’s still afternoon.

Dean goes to hell, he meets the reaper and give him the box of weapon and goes to hell. Crowley tells him that they need Rowena to put Lucifer back, he shows him the witch catcher. They put it on her, and control her.

Castiel found Amara, he try to attack her but she tells him she has a job for him. She send him to Reaper instead. He goes to hell and show Dean her message.

Same tells Lucifer that he won’t, he starts to beat him. Dean and Castiel go to see him, he takes them in cage.

Rowena and Crowley cast spell to put him back, right on time before he kill Castiel. After that they separate their own way.

Crowley found that Rowena and Lucifer plan, now Lucifer is in Castiel’s body. He kill Lowena after he found that she is only one who can open the cage.